Cool Father’s Day Present Ideas for Dad

If you’re looking for different Father’s Day present ideas, instead of the common necktie or slippers for dad, maybe this Father’s Day, it’s time to give him something he can really appreciate. Our Audi OEM Accessories would be a great place to start!

Here are some fun and cool Father’s Day ideas for all Audi dads who may want something a little more special and unique.

Audi Gifts & Father’s Day Gift Guide

Keep Your Dad’s Car as Cool as He Is

Featured Products: Audi A4 Sun Shield ($65.00 Now $52.33!) and Rear Window Sunshade ($39.00 Now $31.40!)

Dad’s already rocking those trendy sunglasses from Warby Parker. Now, you can make sure he can keep his Audi A4 Quattro equally cool. The Audi Sun-Shield, fitting the 2017-2018 Audi A4 Quattro and A4 allroad, and the 2018 S4, provides UV protection to keep your car cool through the hot summer. It also comes with a convenient storage case.

The Audi Rear Window Sunshade for the 2005-2008 Audi A4 Quattro mounts to the rear window and can be left in place while driving, reducing glare while not obstructing your view.

Help Dad Baby His “Baby”

Featured Products: Cargo Trays and Liners

Whether dad is behind the wheel of the extremely popular Q5 or bombing down the highway in the sporty A3 convertible, he’s sure to appreciate a new cargo tray that will protect his newest “baby” from spills, dirt and dust.

Our better-than-custom-fit Audi OEM Cargo Tray for the 2009-2017 Q5 ($363.00 Now $292.22!) offers extra protection, whatever he’s hauling – from mulch for the yard to the week’s groceries. Their wide grooves and sturdy construction ensure they are built to last and easy to clean.

The Audi Molded Trunk Mat for the 2006-2013 A3 and A3 Quattro ($85.00 Now $68.43!) shares the same sturdy rubber construction, and is topped by nylon carpet to provide extra protection for your trunk.

Featured Products: Floor Mats

Like most drivers, dad has probably put off replacing his floor mats. They may or may not be quite as worn out as their prized Red Sox “reverse-the-curse” t-shirt. The perfect fit and durability of an OEM Audi Floor Mat makes it a top-selling Audi accessory—and one that will make his drive enjoyable, no matter the weather. With options ranging from premium textile floor mats to all weather rubber mats, there’s an option for however hard your dad treats his Audi.

An Audi as Active as Your Dad

Featured Product: Aluminum Bike Rack ($190.00 Now $152.95!)

Is your dad the type of guy who sometimes likes to hit the road with two wheels, rather than four? If so, the Audi Aluminum Bike Rack will be a sure winner this Father’s Day, whatever Audi he drives. Made from anodized aluminum, the rack is able to carry up to 3 20-80mm bike frames, and includes a lock, mounting hardware and installation instructions. The molded front wheel well will make it easy for him to get his bike secured, and the quick-release locking system will ensure he can hit the trail as soon as he’s put the Audi in park.

Safety is Cool Too (That’s what my dad told me, anyway…)

Featured Product: Audi Customer Assistance Kit ($57.00 Now $45.89!)

Safety first, right? We’ll give your dad the benefit of the doubt and assume he has a first-aid kit in his car (or at least a couple of band-aids). Even that’s no substitute for an Audi Customer Assistance Kit, though, especially not when he really needs it. In addition to a basic first aid kit and rain poncho, the kit also comes with jumper cables, a multi-tool, and whatever else he might need to get back on the road.

The Best Father’s Day Gift is Still the One You Make Yourself

Featured Product: Premium Car Wash Mitt ($5.30 Now $4.27!)

Dad probably loved that card you made him back in kindergarten, more than all of the ties, belts and funny pairs of socks you might’ve gotten him since. Busting out the elbow macaroni and Elmer’s is definitely still a path you can go down, but think about how excited dad would be to wake up to his Audi in the driveway, gleaming with a fresh wash and a new coat of wax you just finished applying. The Audi Premium Car Wash Mitt is made from gentle yet heavy-duty synthetic material, and is machine washable.

So, there are some cool Father’s Day present ideas! And don’t worry – you can always give dad that necktie for his birthday!